Companies that manufacture, and distribute tangible consumer products have legal needs and considerations that differ dramatically from businesses operating in the financial and services industries. The attorneys at Liberman Canna LLP have extensive experience in representing product manufacturers, suppliers and distributors across a wide variety of industries, including beverages, wine and spirits, food and specialty product importers, fashion apparel, pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements. In particular, Liberman Canna has made a name for itself in representing manufacturers of raw, cold pressed, organic juices and alcoholic beverages made from organically grown ingredients.

We are active in the negotiation of distribution agreements, import agreements, wholesaler agreements, sales agency agreements, product licensing agreements and advertising agreements. For start-up product manufacturers, we are instrumental in advising them on the correct organizational structure, including separating intellectual property assets from the manufacturing and operational divisions of the company, helping them to define and protect their ideas and brand names, assisting them in procuring angel and venture capital rounds of funding and supporting them in building their distribution networks.

When the expectations of our clients are not met in connection with distribution relationships, we actively advise and if necessary litigate the termination of distributor relationships.