With the advent of new technology, it is simple and inexpensive to duplicate and disseminate music, film, art, writing, web development, and other intellectual property with a single click. Therefore, it is critical that the authors of copyrighted material develop an effective strategy to protect their valuable intellectual assets. Liberman Canna‚Äôs intellectual property attorneys handle all aspects of copyright law, from securing timely registration for our clients’ works at the United States Copyright Office to complex matters such as the enforcement of those rights through litigation in the United States federal courts. Our attorneys can help you develop a strong portfolio of copyrighted assets and will vigorously enforcing your rights when others try to misappropriate or infringe upon them.

We will work with you to develop effective copyright strategies to maximize protection and to capitalize on your portfolio of intellectual assets. Equally important, we work with you to actively identify possible vulnerabilities before your competition can. We can analyze your copyrighted material to make sure each of your works receives the strongest protection available, while at the same time maximizing the monetization opportunities for your intellectual assets.