Whether you are launching an e-commerce company, developing the next hot mobile application, or advertising services through your company’s website, the attorneys at Liberman Canna will work with you to navigate the ever-changing legal landscape of the Internet. We are experienced in negotiating agreements, handling transactions and litigating cases involving software and other digital content, as well as counseling clients regarding domain names, social media and other website issues. We have also represented clients in proceedings regarding domain name disputes.

Terms of service, privacy policies and end-user agreements create a binding contract between your company and those who visit your website or use your mobile application. The attorneys at Liberman Canna understand the importance of drafting these documents to minimize your exposure and effectively insulate your company from liability. Our attorneys have drafted terms and conditions and privacy policies for websites and app developers in many industries including social media, e-commerce, health-related services, and online games. We will draft custom terms tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Our attorneys also have experience counseling Internet-based businesses on social media policies, the monitoring of user-generated content, Digital Millennium Copyright Act compliance and Communications Decency Act compliance. Our goal is to help our clients address their compliance needs while they seek to optimize their use of their online platforms.