Liberman Canna LLP is a family of dedicated and driven professionals who put their clients, counterparties and colleagues ahead of their own interests. Our attorneys have one universal trait in common – we are people first and lawyers second. This commonality explains how our firm has created a culture that is collegial, casual and conducive to excellence. It is this very culture that explains why our attorneys come to and stay at Liberman Canna.

Our firm was founded in part on the belief that all of our attorneys should have a say in the management and operation of the firm. From associates to counsel to partners, everyone has a chance to be heard and afford their opinions on the firm and its governance. We hold regular meetings of our lawyers to discuss new initiatives, our ongoing matters, recent successes and the overall direction of the firm. At these meetings, all lawyers are given the opportunity to communicate their ideas and perspectives. We take such views seriously.

Liberman Canna offers attorneys of all experience levels a challenging and rewarding work environment. We believe that attorneys should assume responsibility on legal matters as soon as they show the aptitude to do so. This is why our junior attorneys find themselves arguing in court or negotiating corporate transactions with proper supervision years ahead of their contemporaries at other firms.

Our firm has excelled in traditional legal practices while at the same time being at the forefront of the legal market’s fastest-growing niche practices. We are fortunate to have developed luxury asset investments and internet and social media practices that are recognized and respected around the world. Accordingly, we encourage our lawyers to pursue new areas of legal expertise for the benefit of our clients.

Liberman Canna LLP is an equal opportunity employer. Learn more about our commitment to promoting a professional environment that encompasses individuals of all backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.

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