Expect Solutions

Attorneys at Liberman Canna work with our clients to develop legal strategies that make sense for the unique situation of a particular transaction or dispute. We are not “obstructionists” looking to continuously say “no” to our clients; rather, we seek to find the legal means for our clients to realize their objectives.

Providing Value is the Rule and Not the Exception

Our guiding philosophy is to always provide our clients with more than what they are paying, more than what they expect and more than what they could get from other firms. We strive to ensure that all of our clients see real value to our engagement and not just an expense to their bottom line.

We Are Your Business Partner

Our firm is not a hired gun that comes in to handle a particular matter and then disappears when the deal is done or the case is over. We are with our clients from their inception to their end, and continue to provide ongoing support and advice even after specific matters are concluded. That is why our clients routinely refer to us as their “outside in-house counsel”.

We Seek to Understand Your Business

Our lawyers make it a point to learn about your business and the opportunities and challenges of your industry. Liberman Canna believes that only by appreciating your unique history, vision and goals can we provide legal advice that helps you to achieve your objectives. For this reason, Liberman Canna proactively informs our clients of the latest legal developments affecting their businesses, thereby allowing them to make knowledgeable decisions that will protect their businesses and bottom line.

We Believe in Communication

Whether you are acquiring a company or seeking to resolve a dispute, we realize that you need to know what is happening on a timely basis. We pledge to maintain open, clear and consistent communication throughout our engagement. Moreover, our attorneys are available to our clients at all times – on weekends, at night, on holidays.

We Care About Your Bottom Line As Much as Ours

Our firm prides itself on putting our clients’ interests above our own. As such we staff all of our matters as leanly as possible to keep costs low even at the expense of our revenue. A senior attorney with support from an experienced associate is generally all that is required to handle even the most sophisticated litigations and business transactions. That’s why our side of the negotiating table is always a lot lonelier than our legal counterparts on legal matters.

We Make Connections

Clients of Liberman Canna not only receive comprehensive, cutting edge legal counsel but introductions to our other clients. We pride ourselves on matching our clients with possible synergies at their request.

Experienced Attorneys Handle Your Matters

At Liberman Canna, the majority of our lawyers are at the partner/counsel level, which ensures that an experienced lawyer will be handling your legal affairs. This eliminates the mistakes and the inefficiencies characterized by large firm models that assign responsibility for work to junior, inexperienced attorneys. Our clients never pay for training associates and they can rest assured that our junior lawyers are not learning their trade on our clients’ dime.

Your Trust and Confidence are Paramount

Absolute confidentiality is an integral part of all of our engagements and trust between our lawyers and our clients is a critical part of our representation. We will not disclose any information relevant to our clients, their business or the work undertaken by us either during or after our engagement.