Collecting luxury assets is an expensive proposition but one that produces substantial monetary rewards as well. Collectors benefit not only from the thrill and enjoyment of owning items of beauty, luxury, and rarity but also from the store of value inherent within these assets. When collectors seek to extract value from their luxury assets without selling them, luxury asset finance is an important tool available in the marketplace under various guises.

The attorneys at Liberman Canna LLP have assisted our clients on luxury asset loans involving works of fine art, classic cars, rare musical instruments, and antique furniture. Our reputation in the luxury asset finance industry is well established and we have an intimate knowledge of the loan documentation commonly used in these transactions. From fixed term loans to revolving credit facilities, we understand the complexities of financing transactions when luxury assets are involved.

We work with our clients throughout the entire financing process from evaluation of the luxury asset collateral to negotiating the terms of the loan and drafting the loan documentation. We help our clients minimize insurance requirements and ensure that our clients can retain possession and showcase their financed luxury assets in museums, fairs, and other cultural venues with the least possible logistical hurdles.

Whether you are a dealer looking to finance your inventory, an individual seeking financing for their business, an estate of a collector seeking to finance estate taxes due on inherited items of luxury property without being forced to sell them, we can provide the necessary guidance for you to extract value from one’s luxury assets.