Our Luxury Assets practice group is a highly regarded player in the luxury asset markets around the world. Our attorneys consistently handle consignments and exhibitions of luxury assets to the most prestigious auction houses, museums, galleries, and other cultural institutions. Moreover, we represent many of the premier collectors and dealers in various luxury asset markets including:

  • Fine Art
  • Classic Cars
  • Rare Musical Instruments
  • Diamonds and Jewelry
  • Comic Books
  • Stamps and Coins
  • Fine Wines
  • Antiquities

Our full range of services covers all issues arising from the acquisition, disposition, financing, collection, and preservation of luxury assets, from ownership and title disputes to commercial transactions to asset succession. Moreover, attorneys in our Luxury Assets practice are dedicated and passionate collectors and therefore truly understand the value that our clients impute to their own luxury asset collections.

Our attorneys also operate one of the premier luxury assets or “passion” fund practice groups in the world with particular expertise in art, classic car, wine and diamond investment funds, including in the following areas: