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Enrique Liberman Was Quoted by Institutional Investor on the Emergence of Art Funds as a Real Asset Class.

The chair of Liberman Canna LLP + Art Funds practice, Enrique Liberman, was quoted by Institutional Investor on the increasing recognition of art funds as a true alternative investment opportunity.

According to Mr. Liberman, “…art is an established asset class, and our central thesis is that a properly structured art fund can produce significant returns.”

Enrique Liberman chairs the firm’s Art Law + Art Funds practice and is a recognized authority on matters relating to art law and art investments. The firm also benefits from Enrique’s unparalleled expertise in the structuring and operation of “passion funds” and Enrique is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the formation and governance of art investment funds. Read full story here

Tue Nov 29, 6:04pm