Enrique Liberman publishes ArtAsia Pacific Magazine Article on Co-Investments in Fine Art

Enrique Liberman authored an article in ArtAsia Pacific Magazine Issue 79 entitled “Co-Investing In Art: What Every Collector Needs to Know”. The article provided a comprehensive overview of the issues relating to making co-investments in artworks with third parties. 

Topics discussed included:

  • Management rights over the artwork.
  • Documenting the co-ownership arrangement.
  • Allocations of responsibility for ownership expenses.
  • Disposition of the artwork.
  • Involuntary and Involuntary transfers of ownership interests in the artwork.

Enrique Liberman chairs the firm’s Art Law + Art Funds practice and is a recognized authority on matters relating to art law and art investments. The firm also benefits from Enrique’s unparalleled expertise in the structuring and operation of “passion funds” and Enrique is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the formation and governance of art investment funds.

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Sun Jul 1, 6:54pm